adventureV is targeted at active and athletic vegetarians, vegans and those who wish to become so.

The worldwide number 1 provider of veggie sport events, activity holidays and sport vacations.


adventure is composed of 3 features:

V stands for …

adventureV  Philosophy

Our goal is to see people in their wholeness, connected to themselves and connected to all that is around them in nature, the beauty of the mountains as well as the forces of nature; to counsel, accompany and guide them in their activities and sport or in their outdoor adventures.
The adventureV concept that we have designed for you has 3 main pillars:

3 pillars adventureV

One of main elements of the adventureV philosophy is the direct and immediate connection of nature with the movement of one’s own body.

Why nature?

Nature is the best and purest source for acquiring new strength, fresh energy and the confidence to face life. Elementary power lies slumbering in nature, power that helps us to become one with oneself, to free our spirit and find peace, to feel and experience our bodies and ourselves. Freely and joyfully, nature melts body and soul together and thus leads us to a truer inner peace.

Why Outdoors?

Moving within nature signifies that body and soul harmonise with nature and brings one in balance with oneself, to be totally at one with oneself and to feel the ease of inner flow. This can only happen, however, if one goes outside, there where the strength of the sun can be felt, where the wind blows through rustling trees and clouds drive across the sky, where one can pass through cool dark forests in summer and beguiling, aromatic fields of flowers, where warm aromatic summer rain drops onto one’s skin, where the mountain peaks rise up in an azure-blue sky and are near enough to grasp, where the mountain streams offer refreshment from their splashing, crystal-clear water, where the colourful leaves of picturesque autumn float softly to the ground and one can walk ankle-deep through a rustling blanket of leaves, where one sinks back into oneself on lonely paths far from the busy hectic nature of life, where one can negotiate roots and stony paths proudly and consciously, where one must master oneself and hold fast against a first cold winter breeze, where one can tramp through white-powder deep snow glistening in the winter sun, where the chilling cold brings out the pink of warm cheeks. The power can immediately be felt when one consciously and intentionally comes together with nature; see, hear, smell, taste, feel and touch her presence, take strength from her, feel small to become bigger and be able to overcome one’s limitations. Push back one’s own limits and redefine them, for one tests oneself, rubbing up against them and thus is able to one go beyond one’s limits and grow further. Only somebody who knows his own limits can lead others. There is nowhere better to approach and push against one’s own limits, to walk up to and go past one’s own limits, than within the elementary power of nature and in particular in the immense beauty of the majestic mountain ranges.

Why full-body training?

Your body is the home and sanctuary of your soul and at the same time, the tool of your spirit. Your body allows you to connect and be in contact with your environment. Your body is thus also the perfect “training tool“ because its own weight naturally trains large parts of your body and the corresponding muscle groups as you naturally use and employ your body in everyday life, but you don’t train individual muscles. Your body is always with you and you can train wherever and whenever you desire. In this way, you are not bound by opening times, don’t need expensive fitness centers or heavy sports bags filled with numerous training appliances. You can – depending on your own particular desires – train each area of your body with accurately measured stimuli and simultaneously achieve various objectives. Strenuous workouts under pressure are not inconsistent with preventive, functional or health-promoting exercises – the same applies to maintenance, relaxation or sensibilisation exercises. The intensity of full-body training – more or less – can be adjusted at any time and the training can be used in different methods at the same time; it can also be easily integrated into a tight schedule and can be carried out almost anywhere – also outdoors. When you train using your own body weight, you always have everything that you need for the workout with you: your body. Whole-body training nurtures a stable body weight, makes you fit and strong, defines your musculature, models your body shape in a balanced and natural way, stimulates your spirit and vitalises and invigorates your body.

Have you had enough of being fat, sick and inefficient?

Then finish with hunger, excuses and self-pity! We bring clarity to the false information and wrong thinking about “bad“ and “good“ nutrients and foodstuffs! It is simply the way we treat nutrition that permanently damages our health, makes us fat and chronically ill! Of course it is simpler and easier to swallow a pill than to change one’s life and to think about and give up the well-tried habits and usual way of doing things. But that is not the way it works!

You are what you eat: healthy, fit and capable! … or (fatally) ill? It’s as simple as that!

Become slim and beautiful, healthy and fit with change2V and the sport programme from adventureV

Food comes first, then ethics. Berthold Brecht

or maybe: living ethics?

adventureV sees man in his wholeness, completely embedded in his environment, connected to everything that is around him, to what concerns him directly and immediately and to what may influence and rouse him not only through his conscious decisions but also through his unknowing, thoughtless and casual dealings.

We are responsible for everything that we either do or don’t do, regardless of whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Empathy means an unlimited store of inner wealth and is something that can’t be destroyed by financial or banking crises. Empathy means to share in both joy and suffering, to recognize oneself in others.

What is the most dangerous weapon on Earth?

Machine guns, tanks, anti-ballistic missiles, biological and chemical agents, atom bombs …? – no, they are NOT! You will be surprised where you will find the most dangerous weapon in the world and what exactly it is. We can show you how to unleash and use this ‘weapon of peace and sustainability’ and we can give you the tool to help you on your way to responsible reflection, well-thought out decisions and autonomous dealings. A keen mind in the center of all that lives and breathes, fused with the body, will lead you to an inner richness through …

  • spiritual fitness
  • health and efficiency
  • physical and psychological well-being
  • mental strength and balance
  • inner peace and radiation, centered
  • positive attitude to life
  • sustainability: health, social interaction, animals and nature, protect, maintain and improve the future for our children and our planet

adventureV and change2V merge this 3-pillar concept into one entity:

 3-pillar concept adventureV



What you should try to do is to be open to …

  • ex-periencing nature
  • other people
  • connecting with yourself, others and with animals
  • getting in touch with yourself
  • going back to your real self – back to nature – back to your own nature
  • living in the present: being completely by yourself, living in the here and now

To this end, we can offer …

  • over 25 years’ experience and expertise in the field of exercise, sport and outdoor activities
  • over 20 years’ experience and expertise in the field of vegetarian nutrition including the vegan diet
  • secure route planning and professional guides for sport and outdoor activities
  • personal supervision, individual advice and accompaniment
  • practical instructions, concrete implementation and valuable tips
  • your dog may accompany you
  • veggie catering and accommodation for your well-being

… because:

We live what we love and love what we do: outdoor and endurance sports in harmony with a vegan life style.

Gerold and Katharina Wirnitzer, adventureV